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Campaign for a new Eragon Adaptation

Thank you for joining us on the #EragonRemake campaign!

With the news of our resounding success, the campaign is now over. Read more about the aftermath and results here.

This about page was written prior to the tweet storm and was used as the homepage before the new adaptation was confirmed. It is now preserved here for posterity.


The Inheritance Cycle is long overdue for an adaptation on screen. Many fans have written to studios with this plea, so far without success - because they were each working alone.

The time has come to stand together, unified in our call for an adaptation! With a fandom as large as ours, an organised and consistent message has a real chance of making an impact.

Why Adapt the Inheritance Cycle?

The Inheritance Cycle is internationally bestselling. Back in 2003, the first book, Eragon, became a New York Times best seller. The third book, Brisingr, set a Random House record by selling 550,000 copies in a single day. The final book topped charts like USA Today and The New York Times. Today, the series has sold over 41 million copies.

The Inheritance Cycle is perfect material for television. Fans of the series certainly think so, and have created screenplays, music and concept art for a TV show to fill the void left by the studios who don't realise what a goldmine they're sitting on.

The Inheritance Cycle could be successfully adapted as anything from an animated show aimed at younger teens, to a gripping live action series for older kids and nostalgic adults who grew up with the series. The name Eragon is already meaningful to millions and is sure to attract the attention of millions more with a well thought-out adaptation.

The series covers important themes such as legacy and inheritance, coming of age and identity, the accountability of those in power, and more besides. It features rich characters that develop throught the series, learning from past mistakes and making more. The worldbuilding is deep, with thoroughly planned callbacks throughout. There are unique creatures, both friend and foe, not found in any other property. A faithful adaptation could rival others such as Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings.

Christopher's Thoughts

I'm pushing very hard and there are some movements online to do a tweet storm or get a hashtag trending and see if we can get Disney's attention, and the thing is, that stuff does work, you know, it really does work, it lets the studio know that there's a fanbase, that they're active, that they're engaged, and that they care about the material.

Christopher Paolini in Flights Through Alagaësia (Podcast)

Bring the Thunder, Alagaësians.

If Disney is going to do anything with Eragon, it'll probably be as a show on Disney+. So ask for that. If ya'll do this and can get a hashtag trending, that would give me a LOT of leverage.

Christopher Paolini on Reddit

Solution: Tweet Storm!

What was the outcome of the #EragonRemake Tweet Storm?

Read about it here. We'll keep you updated!

A tweet storm is a series of related tweets with the same hashtag posted in quick succession to get something trending. The idea is to make noise and be heard. The Inheritance Cycle is popular. We need to show Disney just how popular it is.

Before the date of the tweet storm, make sure you read the information below to be prepared.


If Disney is going to do anything with Eragon, it'll probably be as a show on Disney+. So ask for that.

Christopher Paolini

It is important that the messaging of a tweet storm is consistent. We all know what we want: An adaptation of the Inheritance Cycle. Now we need to get that message across.

Disney is most likely to create a show on Disney+ for the Inheritance Cycle. If you want to mention the adaptation format in your tweets, a show on Disney+ is the best option.


One tweet is not enough - for a tweet storm to be truly effective, all participants need to be dedicated! Keep sending new tweets using the hashtag until you run out of things to say. Spark discussions. Talk about who you want to play your favourite characters. Share ideas for episode titles. Debate what a TV series might do differently to the books. Tell us how your favourite scene should look on screen.

Make good use of Twitter's features. Use the search bar to search for the tweet storm hashtag. Go through the results and retweet, favourite and reply to any positive tweets you see spreading our message.

Keep going as hard as you can for the full hour of the tweet storm. After that, feel free to keep discussing using the hashtag!


Pictures and videos have more reach on Twitter, so if possible, add one to all your tweets!

You can find some on this page.


You should mention the @Disney account in every tweet you send during the tweet storm.

You can do this by typing @Disney in your message.

You can also mention @Paolini in tweets you want Christopher to see and respond to.

Make sure the mention is in the middle of the tweet, not right at the start. If you put the mention at the start of the tweet, fewer people will be able to see it. We want everyone to see our tweets!

If you can't think of anything else, just put a dot '.' or the hashtag at the beginning of your tweets.

See the examples below for other ways to do this.

End Result and Optimism

If ya'll do this and can get a hashtag trending, that would give me a LOT of leverage.

Christopher Paolini

It's easy to think that we can't make an impact. This mindset comes from years past, when we were working alone. So be optimistic! We're working together now.

Even if we don't directly accomplish our goal of Disney adapting the Inheritance Cycle, a trending hashtag about the topic is a great help to Christopher in any future talks with studios.

Every bit helps. Don't miss this event just because you think it will do nothing - otherwise you'll be forever asking if that's the reason why it didn't happen!


Below are some example tweets. Try to come up with your own unique messages though - the goal is to share a message, not spam!

Key Points
  • Only use the official hashtag, #EragonRemake - no others!
  • Don't start a tweet with a mention (e.g. @Disney) - that makes the tweet private! Put mentions in the middle or at the end.
  • Add images and videos to your tweets. Get some here!
  • Only add one image, video or gif to each tweet. If you want to share multiple pieces of art, make multiple tweets.