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Du Äfthringa Frethyaí: The Secret Storm!

Jack Williams
26th July 2021

Du Äfthringa Frethyaí, The Secret Storm, was a success! This one was completely organised by word of mouth, with no public announcement posts, and we still managed to reach trending for a few hours. Even Christopher was surprised - he found out just minutes before the scheduled starting time.

Ha! I just found out about this. Five minutes until another tweetstorm: #EragonRemake

— Christopher Paolini (@paolini) July 25, 2021

These two successful tweet storms show Disney that we're truly committed and passionate. Du Äfthringa Frethyaí is especially noteworthy as it demonstrates a lot more organic growth than the first tweet storm, which was planned weeks in advance. Browsing the list of latest tweets, one can see that many of the participants had no idea #EragonRemake was a thing at all!

Sources say it's even harder to get an already-trended hashtag trending a second time, so this was an amazing achievement.

Just like last time, the fanart blew us all away and revealed just how talented this community is.

I didn't intend to stream during Du Äfthringa Frethyaí, but by popular request, I did just that. I was first joined by some members of the Arcaena MCAlagaesia Discord server, and then later hosted a Q&A session with Christopher Paolini alongside Maxime Bocquier (@MaxBConceptArt) and Malte Wegmann (@dnbnumbra). You can watch that here!

Thanks for participating once again!

What did #EragonRemake Accomplish?

Jack Williams
21st June 2021 (Updated 23th June 2021)

Last week, tens of thousands of Inheritance Cycle fans took to Twitter calling on Disney to show the studio the enormous demand for an #EragonRemake. The results were beyond all expectations I had for the event. When the hashtag last trended, it had over 55,500 tweets - but they're still coming in over a week after, so the true number could be way higher.

Not only were these numbers far larger than I had even hoped possible, the community was also amazingly creative with their tweets. Endless memes, fanart, music, discussions and debates filled our timelines for days.

There are many people I need to thank for making this idea so much more than I could have by myself.

The reaction and result were orders of magnitude beyond anything I expected. Christopher even expressed the same astonishment. You have made this impossible for Disney to ignore. Your contribution has had and will continue to have an amazing impact on the fandom, even beyond a potential new adaptation. Thanks for joining me and making this idea so successful!

~ Jack / Hellomynameis99

Christopher's Thoughts

This was like a giant, giant present from the fandom and it's going to really move things forward.

Christopher Paolini in the Inheritance Cycle Tweet Storm Live Stream

My team and I have just been absolutely blown away by the responses here, and the memes that are still coming through! The memes really just make it worthwhile.

Christopher Paolini in the Inheritance Cycle Tweet Storm Live Stream

We made some serious progress today. Thank you to everyone listening, you all did amazing. Go forth, be awesome, and I'll be around.

Christopher Paolini in the Inheritance Cycle Tweet Storm Live Stream

Looking for something to do? Check out these videos.

Official #EragonRemake live stream archive

I was streaming and commentating the entire event with a live feed of all the #EragonRemake tweets as they came in for almost eleven hours.

I was lucky enough to be joined by Christopher Paolini to chat for a few hours, as well as Malte Wegmann and Maxime Bocquier who created the official theme and artwork for #EragonRemake respectively.

Listen to the official #EragonRemake music

Bring the Thunder is the official theme of the #EragonRemake tweet storm composed by Malte Wegmann featuring Salomé "Lune" Hanlon. The artwork featured in the background was created by the talented concept artist Maxime Bocquier.

I had the honour of writing the lyrics sung by Salomé to tell the story of the fandom's previous experience with a big-screen adaptation and our hope for the future.

In the Media

The #EragonRemake tweet storm has been covered by several news outlets and blogs. This all goes to show that the reach of the tweet storm broke the Twitter bubble and has been seen by the wider internet - it has become impossible for Disney to miss.

Read their articles below!

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The Tweets

This is just a tiny selection of the tweets we saw during the tweet storm, showcasing great debates and ideas, memes, and amazing artwork from the community that truly made the tweet storm not just a call to Disney for an adaptation, but an event to remember for any fan.

My first tweet - when we had no idea how big #EragonRemake would become!

Christopher's first tweet, sharing the official theme of #EragonRemake (Shortened Version).

Malte Wegmann sharing their full-length official soundtrack of the #EragonRemake tweet storm, Bring the Thunder, on YouTube.

Maxime Bocquier sharing their concept art, Arya's Test, companion to the official soundtrack.

David Ballin sharing their mock-up of the Disney Plus website with an Eragon series.

One of the last reported milestones (although we did confirm 55.5k tweets before #EragonRemake stopped trending!)

Sharing the Eragon movie memes from the tweet storm media page.

a.j. wolfe's TED Talk about adapting Eragon as a TV series.

Fish's concept art of the blessing of Elva is exactly how I imagined it!

More concept art by MyFishFillet, this one depicting the scene when Eragon discovers Saphira's egg.

Fans found endless ways to participate. KatieWyRa created the hashtag with pretzels!

Maxime Bocquier shared concept art for dozens of scenes and characters throughout the event in addition to the official piece titled "Arya's Test".

Derek's dad, a plasticine sculptor, created Saphira for the #EragonRemake tweet storm.

The tweet storm coincided with Father's Day in the US. Many #EragonRemake tweets also used the hashtag #BigBromEnergy to honour the father figures in the Inheritance Cycle and in our own lives.

The #EragonRemake hashtag started trending mere minutes into the event, and remained there in many locations for hours.

Summer created this beautiful makeup art for the #EragonRemake.

The #EragonRemake memes came from all corners of pop culture.

No reference or meme format was safe from #EragonRemake

Many fans want an #EragonRemake because of the Inheritance Cycle's meaningful representation and role models, which something Disney would be very interested in.

Many fans want an #EragonRemake because of the detailed and complex characters with intricate arcs and stories.

The #EragonRemake tweet storm was the place to be for fans of fanart, with many artists releasing never-before-seen works just for the event.

I shared some of the locations the MCAlagaësia team have been working on over the past few years.

Thousands of fans shared their favourite characters they want to see done justice in an #EragonRemake.

The fanart wasn't limited to the mediums of digital or paper - some dedicated fans rolled up their sleeves to show off their Inheritance Cycle tattoos!

The media coverage was huge, with more than 30 news sites covering the event on the day alone, and probably a lot more that I've missed since!

Christopher's heartfelt thanks to the community for organising and participating in the tweet storm.

Browse more tweets with the #EragonRemake hashtag.