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Hello! Thanks for picking up the #EragonRemake Tweet Storm in the news!

Your coverage really helps with our goal of spreading our message. On this page I have collated all the essential information and history of the tweet storm event.

~ Jack / Hellomynameis99

Our Coverage

The updated Outcomes page now includes our own retsospective of the event.

Key Corrections

In this section is the most frequently incorrect information we've noticed in early revisions of articles.

  • Christopher Paolini did not organise the event, he was only a participant - an amazingly supportive and vocal one - but a participant nonetheless. The event itself was entirely community driven, which we think is an important distinction to make since it demonstrates how committed the fanbase is.


1st of June 2020 - The idea of running a tweet storm is first proposed

15th of May 2021 - A tweet storm is finally proposed to the community at large

17th of May 2021 - The date is set and the site is created


I'm pushing very hard and there are some movements online to do a tweet storm or get a hashtag trending and see if we can get Disney's attention, and the thing is, that stuff does work, you know, it really does work, it lets the studio know that there's a fanbase, that they're active, that they're engaged, and that they care about the material.

Christopher Paolini in Flights Through Alagaësia (Podcast)

Bring the Thunder, Alagaësians.

If Disney is going to do anything with Eragon, it'll probably be as a show on Disney+. So ask for that. If ya'll do this and can get a hashtag trending, that would give me a LOT of leverage.

Christopher Paolini on Reddit

Notable Tweets

The first tweet

Christopher's first tweet

Official soundtrack of the #EragonRemake tweet storm

Concept art (companion to the official soundtrack)

Disney Plus concept art

Latest milestone (54k tweets at time of writing)

The "meme game"

Browse more tweets with the #EragonRemake hashtag.

Contact Information

Twitter - @MCAlagaesia

Discord - Hellomynameis99#9999