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Christopher Paolini

About Du Fairth Nángoröth

This is the third tweet storm for an Inheritance Cycle adaptation. To "celebrate" the 15th anniversary of the film adaptation, we're going to be watching Eragon (2006) and sharing our thoughts via Twitter (with the hashtag in every tweet).

To watch the movie with us as you tweet, read on!

What is going on?

What is a tweet storm? Why are we doing one? What is this place??

Answers to these questions are on the homepage of the original tweet storm.

If you participated in one of our previous tweet storms, you only need to read this page to find out what's different this time.

Spread the Word!

Help us recruit your friends for the third tweet storm! Send your friends the link to Du Fairth Nángoröth (this page!).

What's Different This Time?

This time, we'll all be watching the 2006 big-screen adaptation of Eragon. While watching, we'll all tweet our thoughts about it and why we need an #EragonRemake.

A live stream will be available on YouTube (see the top of this page). There, you can listen to our commentary and sync your copy of the movie to the on-screen timestamp to watch along with us. We will pause regularly to discuss what's going on and to allow time to compose tweets.

To find out where to buy, rent or stream your copy of the movie, visit this page.

What should I write in my tweets?

Try to keep the criticism in your tweets constructive. Share what you didn't like in a scene, how you would like to see it improved, and why you love the scene in the books. By doing this, we can show Disney that we're a fandom excited about an adaptation, and not one that is difficult to deal with and who will never be satisfied.

Requesting that Disney create a word-for-word adaptation of the books is similarly counterproductive. Recognise that adapting a story in a different medium necessitates making changes, and that this should be the time to make your ideas for those changes heard!

If you genuinely like something about the original film, think the film did something better than the books, or just didn't like something in the books and would want to see it changed in an adaptation, you should still tweet about it during the tweet storm. This event is not about blindly hating the movie, it's about discussing our ideal Inheritance Cycle adaptation.

As always, memes created from scenes in the movie are encouraged. Try including a relevant meme, gif or photo of the part of the movie you're talking about in every tweet. You can find some on our media page. You can submit your own movie memes to this page if they are sufficiently transformative - find out more on our Discord server.